Month: November 2018

Lifestyle: Parksville

Self-tutoring about traveling on Vancouver Island: the tutor comments on his stay in Parksville. Parksville has given me a wonderful week. I find the people here friendly and considerate. Last night, I was crossing at a corner. Someone was waiting

Health: a hot shower might make you feel better, but why?

Self-tutoring about the habit of showering twice a day: the tutor wonders if it brings more benefits than cleanliness. A hot shower can seem surprisingly rejuvenating, but does it bring real change to body chemistry? Perhaps yes. Apparently, a hot

Nature: nightcrawlers, part 0

Self-tutoring about worms: the tutor mentions a sighting. I’m in Parksville this week. The other night I had to go out for a razor because I forgot mine at home. It had been a rainy, windy day. Luckily I went

Networks: when one remembers you but it’s changed

Self-tutoring about computer skills: the tutor tells about logging onto a network whose password has changed. What follows is how I remember the situation. For anyone facing it, the idea might be helpful. I was trying to get online with

Computer maintenance: replacing CMOS cell, part 0

Self-tutoring about computer maintenance: the tutor shares about diagnosing a fading CMOS cell on an aging computer. We’ve run this Windows 7 computer as our main one since April 2010. Like often seems to happen with a Windows computer, or

Rep range: is change the key?

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor mentions the importance of changing rep range. Rep ranges might be 1-6 (for strength), 8-12 (for growth), and 13 to 20 (for endurance). Yet, the key to best results might be to shift among

Windows: viewing chkdsk results

Self-tutoring about Windows 7: the tutor mentions how to view the results of running chkdsk. I ran chkdsk today to check the hard drive. Afterwards, the computer restarted, not showing the results. I looked what to do on the internet.

Windows: A way to check hard drive health

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor shares a way to check hard drive health. I’ve read that WMIC stands for Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line. It includes a way to check hard drive health, as follows: Open command prompt. Type wmic diskdrive

Holidays: why is Black Friday Nov 23, 2018 (and not Nov 30)?

Self-tutoring about holidays: the tutor checks the answer to a question he’s wondered about. I would have said that Black Friday is typically later than Nov 23. Furthermore, I believed it was the last Friday of November. While most years

Windows: folder date modified not as recent as that of contained file

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions a recent, perhaps surprising, find. I thought that, when you modify a file, its containing folder is modified as well. Apparently, a file can be modified without changing the “date modified” of its containing