Month: December 2018

Lifestyle: New Year’s Eve reflection

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor notices a trend from 2018. I do make a New Year’s resolution. This year’s, I plan to share in a coming post. For now, I want to mention a trend I’ve observed during 2018. I

Philosophy, mysteries: the Fermi paradox, part 0: what is proof?

Self-tutoring about philosophy: the tutor begins about the Fermi paradox: why don’t we have proof of aliens if they likely exist? The Fermi paradox is the name given to a commonly known question: given that intelligent alien life seems likely

Ric Ocasek: Emotion in Motion

Self-tutoring about 80s reminiscences: the tutor recalls a song he heard one night long ago. I moved a few times in the 80s, so often ended up with no friend but the radio. One night in ’86 or ’87, “Emotion

English: opposites: aptitude and ineptitude

Tutoring English, word curiosities are always interesting. The tutor mentions a pair of opposites. Aptitude means ability even without training, whereas ineptitude suggests scarcity of ability even past lack of training. The words are close to opposite, if not actually.

Strength training: the suicide grip

Self-tutoring about weight training: the tutor explores his curiosity about the suicide grip. The suicide grip – known also as the false grip or thumbless grip – is thought to be dangerous because the thumb and fingers all curl around

Web programming: the immediately invoked function expression (IIFE)

Self-tutoring about web programming: the tutor brings up IIFE. It’s been my experience that a function need be called to run, but perhaps not always. Apparently, in JavaScript, the construction (function(){ // function code lines // })(); will run spontaneously.

Religion, philosophy: Jesus’s view of the death penalty

Self-tutoring about the Bible: the tutor observes a trend in philosophy about the death penalty. Pope Francis has attracted attention lately for his rejection of the death penalty. My understanding is that Francis himself takes this view in opposition to

Rep range: changing it up, part II

Self-tutoring about weight training: the tutor continues about changing rep range. Back in my post from November 24, I mention that rotating rep range might be important for increasing the effectiveness of strength training. In fact, strength gains might almost

Math: bacon and eggs

Tutoring math, you face real-life scenarios. The tutor mentions an example. Suppose one egg and two strips of bacon contain 13.5g protein, but two eggs and one strip of bacon contain 16.5g protein. How much in each? Let x be

Lifestyle, cooking: wearing safety goggles in the kitchen

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor shares a safety tip. Last week I had to barbecue some burgers in the dark. The evening was beautiful for it (for about an hour), just luckily. Still, I wanted to be safe. After all,