Month: February 2019

Perl: ternary operator

Perl self-tutoring: the tutor mentions the ternary operator. Let’s imagine the variable $v0 is not defined, and therefore false from Perl’s point of view. $v0 ? print ‘defined’ : print ‘not defined’ will output not defined. a?b:c is known as

English: hilarities?

Tutoring English, a specific question arises: the tutor investigates if hilarity can pluralize to hilarities. In my Feb 14 post I use the word hilarities, which the spell-checker doesn’t like, though it’s happy with hilarity. So, is the word hilarities

Baking: red velvet cake, part II

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor follows up about his attempt at red velvet cake. On February 8 I talk about red velvet cake and my decision to make it. My wife arrived as I was blending the icing. Seeing the

English: is it relatable?

Tutoring English, you never run out of material. The tutor shares an observation – will it be relatable? relatable (adj): 1. sensibly connected to some other event or state; 2. understandable by others. The word relatable is listed by a

English: numbskull, or numskull?

Tutoring English, some hilarities just present themselves. Numbskull can also be spelled numskull, according to two dictionaries I’ve checked. Who knew? Source: Mish, Frederick C (editor). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004. Gilmour, Lorna (editor). Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary

Lifestyle: waxing a snow shovel?

Self-tutoring about snow clearing: the tutor mentions an idea he tried. I’ve never heard of anyone’s waxing a snow shovel. Yet, this morning, the idea came to me. I was using a deep shovel. When I would throw the snow,

Perl: map

Tutoring Perl: the tutor gives an example of Perl’s fantastic map function. Suppose you have the array (1,2,3,4), but you want to musically enhance it to (and a 1, and a 2,….) @arr=map {‘and a ‘.$_} (1,2,3,4); yields @arr =

Computer science: PHP: the register_globals phenomenon

Self-tutoring about PHP: the tutor looks into the hazard of register_globals. In PHP, register_globals, when set to 1 (or on), could allow variables to be created and set from within web requests. In particular, if a variable was uninitialized in

Perl: greedy vs lazy match

Perl tutoring: the tutor compares a greedy match with its corresponding lazy one. argument greedy lazy e2ee9a /e\w*\d/ /e\w*?\d/ match e2ee9 e2 Source: roberts perl tutorial McGrath, Mike. Perl in easy steps. Southam: Computer Step, 2004.

Bodybuilding: Eddie Hall

Self-tutoring about point of view: the tutor mentions a discussion with his son. Returning from the gym this morning, my son mentioned Eddie Hall. “He dead-lifted 500kg. From the exertion, he forgot his children’s names for two weeks.” I paused,