Month: March 2019

Web design: color multiplication

Self-tutoring about color multiplication: the tutor looks at a method. A way to define multiplication of two colors rgb(Ar,Ag,Ab)and rgb(Br,Bg,Bb) is rgb(Ar*Br/255,Ag*Bg/255,Ab*Bb/255). For example rgb(100,100,100)*rgb(100,0,100)=rgb(39,0,39), seen as color1*color2=color3

Strength training: synergy

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor makes an observation. Like often, my son and I hit the gym after supper this evening: he’s a body builder. I wasn’t making any PRs tonight, but he did. Perhaps someone else was trying

Web design: border-color

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor mentions some formats for stating border-color. Hello! border-color:red green; Hello! border-color:red green blue Hello! border-color:red green blue yellow Source:

Seasons: first day of Spring, 2019

Self-tutoring about weather and seasons: the tutor makes an annual report. Back in my post on January 26, 2015, I define the first day of spring as the year’s first sunny day with positive double digit temperature. Since then I’ve

Bird watching: chipping sparrow

Self-tutoring about birds: the tutor mentions an exciting observation. To quote the Beatles, “it’s been a long cold … winter.” Yet, it may be letting go: last night’s low was +4C. This morning indicated a change: in the dark, I

Protein showdown: tuna vs beef

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor checks a comparison. The numbers below are for cooked portions. beef tuna % protein ≈ 28 ≈ 28 Interesting, eh? Source:

English: “Minder”

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor reminisces, mentioning the term “minder”. When I was a kid, I used to watch a British TV show called Minder. I’d say it wasn’t a comedy, yet was very funny. It was about a small-time

Computer science: what is a search mask?

Self-tutoring about computer science terminology: the tutor mentions “search mask”. As I understand: search mask (n): a pattern that matches must follow. The masked parts are variable, possibly indicated by wildcards. An example might be qu#te, # being the wildcard.

Cooking: temp to keep food warm?

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor mentions keeping cooked food warm in the oven. Wanting to keep prepared food warm, I looked up a recommendation. One site mentions 200F. Covering the food with foil is recommended. The chicken was already fully

Windows: command line: forfiles command

Self-tutoring about Windows cmd prompt: the tutor mentions the forfiles command. I continue to use the command line when navigating Windows, likely because it seems quicker than the file explorer. To find files in the current directory last modified on