Month: April 2019

Psychology, philosophy: believe and don’t-believe

Self-tutoring about philosophy and psychology: the tutor reflects about thinking and believing. In my post from December 30, 2018, I reflect about what qualifies as proof. An observation I make is that photographs and expert testimony seem sufficient to prove

Biology: metabolic cost

Self-tutoring about biology and zoology: the tutor researches American alligators. Alligators in southern Florida typically develop more slowly than those of northern Florida. A suggested reason is metabolic cost. Being cold-blooded, an alligator’s metabolism increases with the surrounding temperature. Therefore,

Vocabulary: irrupt

Tutoring English, new words – especially short ones – are always interesting. The tutor mentions irrupt. irrupt (verb): to suddenly arrive, or else increase. A population can irrupt, for instance. Source: Mish, Frederick C (editor). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster,

Windows: more about move command

Self-tutoring about the Windows move command: the tutor continues… Following up yesterday’s post: From the premise that the directory newdirname already exists, let’s imagine the command move olddirname newdirname Now, olddirname will be moved to a subdirectory of its same

Windows: move command behaviour

Self-tutoring about Windows command prompt: the tutor mentions the move command. The following behaviour I’ve observed in Windows 7 command prompt: To move a directory to another, the command is move olddirname newdirname If newdirname already exists, olddirname will be

Black-capped chickadee: part II

Self-tutoring about bird watching: the tutor follows up about the black-capped chickadee. I mention a black-capped chickadee in my post from April 15, wherein I mention that some sources don’t acknowledge its presence here. Apparently, others report seeing black-capped chickadees

Graphics: aliasing and anti-aliasing

Self-tutoring about graphics: the tutor mentions the concepts of aliasing and anti-aliasing. Aliasing refers to the jagged “stairway” pattern that can develop on a computer-generated curve or oblique line. It can occur when visual units are squares whose edges are

Windows: folder has different name in Windows Explorer vs directory in Command Prompt

Self-tutoring about Windows file system: the tutor mentions a discovery. Today, checking a backup directory, I noticed that, in Windows Explorer, the backup folder for Desktop (desktop_backup) isn’t there. Rather, Desktop is. Yet, in command prompt, Desktop isn’t there, but

Biology: what is a relict?

Self-tutoring about biology: the tutor mentions the term relict. relict (noun): a population that was once included by a larger one, but has grown isolated due to changing conditions. Changing climatic conditions can cause relicts, as can changing geography (collapse

Bird watching: black-capped chickadee?

Self-tutoring about bird watching: the tutor observes black-capped chickadees. Reading today about black-capped chickadees, numerous sources suggest they don’t live on Vancouver Island. While I don’t want to be controversial, I believe that they do live here, and that I