Month: April 2019

Lawn care: the tutor continues…

Self-tutoring about lawn care: the tutor relates a story. I mention in several posts (here, for instance) a connection to the soil and farming. As I point out here, we weren’t farmers, but I grew up around farming, in the

US geography: what is a run?

Self-tutoring about US geography: the tutor looks up the the term run. In some US place names, you might hear the word Run. Bull Run comes to mind, for instance. What is a run? Apparently, run can mean creek or

Google search tip: minus sign

Self-tutoring about Google search: the tutor mentions the minus sign. To exclude a term from the results of a search, you can key it in after a minus sign. Apparently, you need a space before the minus, but not after.

Food: strawberry tops

Self-tutoring about eating strawberries: the tutor reflects…. I have a fourteen and sixteen-year-old; both like strawberries. So, when strawberries are a good deal, we buy them. At any meal, I might be washing and cutting them up to serve as

Lifestyle: transit, part II

Self-tutoring about transit: the tutor continues…. Back in my post from Aug 24, 2017, I discuss taking the transit bus, suggesting how liberating it can be from parking, etc. I’ve been on the bus again lately, and have another couple

Lifestyle: fingernail mend with super glue

Self-tutoring about daily problem solving: the tutor mentions a fix. I broke a nail a couple months back. It tore so badly it cut the skin underneath. I taped it, but realized that, broken like so, the nail would continue

Psychology, philosophy: believe and don’t-believe

Self-tutoring about philosophy and psychology: the tutor reflects about thinking and believing. In my post from December 30, 2018, I reflect about what qualifies as proof. An observation I make is that photographs and expert testimony seem sufficient to prove

Biology: metabolic cost

Self-tutoring about biology and zoology: the tutor researches American alligators. Alligators in southern Florida typically develop more slowly than those of northern Florida. A suggested reason is metabolic cost. Being cold-blooded, an alligator’s metabolism increases with the surrounding temperature. Therefore,

Vocabulary: irrupt

Tutoring English, new words – especially short ones – are always interesting. The tutor mentions irrupt. irrupt (verb): to suddenly arrive, or else increase. A population can irrupt, for instance. Source: Mish, Frederick C (editor). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster,

Windows: more about move command

Self-tutoring about the Windows move command: the tutor continues… Following up yesterday’s post: From the premise that the directory newdirname already exists, let’s imagine the command move olddirname newdirname Now, olddirname will be moved to a subdirectory of its same