Month: June 2019

Bird identification: red crossbill

Self-tutoring about birds: the tutor gives commentary. Yesterday I spent about five hours in the yard, catching up on chores. Early on, I heard a flushing sound, but couldn’t place it. Yet, it was energetic: I wondered why I could

School supplies: mechanical pencils

Self-tutoring about school supplies: the tutor reflects…. My wife and I were in the stationery aisles a couple of days back, noticing many “back to school” supplies. I spied a box of disposable mechanical pencils that were 0.5mm. “Get 0.7,”

Vocabulary: another -ible

Tutoring English, suffixes are interesting. The tutor mentions a word ending with -ible. In a post from December 30, 2012, I mention some -ibles – for example, credible. By an -ible I mean a word that ends in -ible but

Exercise and fitness: hill running

Self-tutoring about training: the tutor reflects about an activity he’s recently begun. Years ago I kept fit by running, but gave it up around 2015 because I started to feel it in the hips. Yet, recently, I’ve begun a new

Botany: pink yarrow

Self-tutoring about botany: the tutor notices pink yarrow. In my last post about yarrow I mention seeing some with red flowers. Almost always, though, the yarrow I see is white. Yet, in a grove of white yarrow, I’ve recently noticed

Windows: the temporary file, part I

Follow-up from an earlier post: the tutor discusses a spontaneously-generated .tmp file. Back on June 14 I write about a .tmp file I noticed in a folder I wanted to send. What I did about it, you can read there.

Lifestyle: cooking: when pancakes cause controversy

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor mentions this morning’s grumbling over pancakes. As a kid, I loved pancakes, but my parents seldom made them. I guess I never got my fill, so still love them – even the idea of them

Music: reminiscences: “Amos Moses,” by Jerry Reed

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor discovers a song from his elementary school years…. Once, in PE in grade 5, our teacher set a dance for us to learn. We’d never done such activity. He set the record on the turntable.

Biology: the field guide philosophy, part 0

Self-tutoring about biology and lifestyle: the tutor wonders why searching for unfamiliar plants is exciting. Looking through the plant guide during a spare moment, I will sometimes plan searching for a particular plant I’ve never seen, yet lives here. Why

Home computer use: special characters in LibreOffice Writer

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor mentions a way he uses to produce special characters on LibreOffice Writer. Let’s image the é symbol, which is U00E9 in Unicode. In LibreOffice Writer, I hold down Crl+Shift+u together. Then, releasing them,