Month: July 2019

Music: “Heroes” by David Bowie

Self-tutoring about popular culture: the tutor mentions an observation connecting David Bowie with Stranger Things. My family loves Stranger Things: we just finished season 3. Near its end, I heard “I…I will be King…” “You…you will be Queen….” Where had

Music: Willie Nelson: “Crazy”

Self-tutoring about Willie Nelson and American music: the tutor shares a story he discovered. A few days ago I learned that Willie Nelson wrote “Crazy.” Back then, in 1960, Patsy Cline was a star, yet “Crazy” is the only song

Canadian culture: where did I learn to move Power Point slides to Movie Maker?

Self-tutoring about Canadians: the tutor mentions a video he found. Multimedia is something I’ve had to brush up on. How does one transfer Power Point slides into Movie Maker? I found this video. The video starts, apparently, with about 15

Media: m4a to mp3 format w/

Self-tutoring about media formats and conversion: the tutor mentions a solution he found. I made a voice recording yesterday. Surprisingly, it was stored in m4a format. As downloaded on this device, Audacity wouldn’t import it. Numerous ways forward presented themselves.

Text editors: beware Ctrl+l on Notepad++

Self-tutoring about text editors: the tutor mentions the Ctrl+l shortcut with Notepad++. Ctrl+l removes the current line in Notepad++. Source:

English:poetry:Paul Simon, “Slip Slidin’ Away,” part 1

Self-tutoring about poetry and meanings: the tutor mentions “Slip Slidin’ Away.” God only knows God makes his plan The information’s unavailable To the mortal man –Paul Simon, “Slip Slidin’ Away” I recall “Slip Slidin’ Away” from when I was a

Home computer use: what is Bonjour Service?

Self-tutoring about PCs: the tutor looks up Bonjour Service My impression is that I’ve seen Bonjour Service listed in the Task Manager since the early 2000s. Today I see it on the Windows 10 laptop, and wonder what it does.

Exercise and fitness: the fat-burning zone

Self-tutoring about exercise and fitness: the tutor looks up the meaning of “fat-burning zone.” Exercise equipment has suggested to me that the optimal pace for fat burn is lower than max. Apparently, the “fat burning zone” is around 60-75% of

Botany: European ash

Self-tutoring about tree identification: the tutor notices European ash. I’ve returned from Nanaimo after a great week. I made more great tree finds there. One of the trees I became acquainted with is European ash. It looks like other ash

Spelling: esthetic vs aesthetic

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor checks about esthetic and aesthetic. Apparently, aesthetic and esthetic have the same meaning. Source: Mish, Frederick C (editor). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004.