Month: August 2019

Nutrition: whey

Self-tutoring about protein and whey: the tutor mentions some findings…. Whey, apparently, is the liquid found separate after cheese is made from milk. In its raw, liquid form, whey is less than 1% protein. However, its protein content is very

English: pith and pithy

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor mentions definitions for pity and pithy. The “pith” of a sentence is its message. “Pithy” means abundant with meaning. Source:

Social studies: Marshall McLuhan: “The Medium is the Message”

Self-tutoring about culture: the tutor opines about a quote he heard as a child. I read “The Medium is the Message” in a textbook in middle school. For decades I had no interpretation of it. Eventually my sister gave me

Philosophy: bulletin boards

Self-tutoring about the electronic lifestyle: the tutor reflects…. Looking for answers, I often arrive at bulletin boards, or forums, where people post questions or attempt to answer others’. The progress of time you can notice on such sites is sometimes

Geography: eastern cougar

Self-tutoring about animal life in North America: the tutor mentions the eastern cougar. Once found in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia, as well as the eastern US, the eastern cougar’s presence is doubted now in Canada, and it

Exercise and fitness: muscle training

Self-tutoring about muscle training: the tutor mentions an interesting rule of thumb he noticed. In a biology text I recently read that to accomplish muscle growth, 75% or more of its maximum force needs to be applied. Source: Mader, Sylvia

Canadian geography: Vancouver Island fauna: are there coyotes here?

Self-tutoring about animals on Vancouver Island: the tutor checks if coyotes live here. Apparently, coyotes do not reside on Vancouver Island. Source:

Health: bursitis

Self-tutoring about joint health: the tutor does some research about bursitis. I mention in my post from Aug. 15 I’ve been nursing a shoulder injury. It may have happened around Aug. 7 I’m told the X-ray suggests bursitis, tendinitis, and

Canadian geography: Acadian forest: eastern white cedar

Self-tutoring about the Acadian forest: the tutor mentions eastern white cedar. Eastern white cedar typically grows 40 to 50 ft tall (12 to 15m). It reminds one of the cedars we have here on the West Coast, just much smaller.

Canadian geography: Prince Edward Island, part 1

Self-tutoring about Canadian geography: the tutor researches and reminisces…. I lived in PEI from ’76 to ’80. It’s a unique place, famous for potatoes, lobster, and its red soil. I saw lots of all three when I lived there as