Month: September 2019

Lifestyle: yellowjackets

Self-tutoring about yellowjacket lifestyle: the tutor tells news. A few weeks ago a yellowjacket apparently got stranded behind the front window. It eventually came to rest inside the top of its arch. As time passed, another joined it. I hadn’t

Music: Eddie Money, Part 3: “Walk on Water”

Self-tutoring about the “Money Man”: the tutor discovers “Walk on Water.” Continuing about Eddie Money: In my research, I’ve encountered songs of his I never knew. One is “Walk on Water”, from Nothing to Lose (1988). I’ve mentioned that Eddie

Music: Eddie Money, part 2

Self-tutoring about music and history: the tutor continues about Eddie Money. I recall a DJ introducing a song: “Next up, we’ve got the Money Man…Eddie Money with ‘Take Me Home Tonight’”. Eddie Money was ubiquitous on working people’s radio stations

Music: Eddie Money, part 1

Self-tutoring about music and history: the tutor recalls Eddie Money’s presence in the 70s and beyond. I guess Eddie Money passed on September 13, at age 70. I recall Money’s music from the 70s and 80s. On the radio in

Cooking: how I prepare squash

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor shares a technique and a memory. I mention squash in yesterday’s post. How do I cook it? We ate squash often when I was a kid in the Maritimes. I think my father used halve

Cooking: squash that looks like a pumpkin

Self-tutoring about cooking and gardening: the tutor identifies a squash. About a week ago, at a grocery store, I noticed a bin containing various squashes. I love squash, so gravitated towards it. “Do the kids eat squash?” I asked my

Calculator use: when adding isn’t associative(?)

Tutoring math, curiosities can arise. The tutor mentions a calculator one. In front of me are two reliable scientific calculators from different manufacturers. Both give the following results: 2+1exp20-1exp20 = 0 but 2+(1exp20-1exp20)=2 1exp20 means scientific notation: 1×1020. How can

Web design: Color considerations

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor reads a fact too surprising not to share. Recently, an email arrived from Max Chekalov of DesignAdvisor. As I understand, DesignAdvisor researches the web design market to inform companies which web designers might best

Internet documentaries: ColdFusion: “Enron – the Biggest Fraud in History”

Self-tutoring about history: the tutor finds a documentary, by ColdFusion, about Enron. The Enron story loomed large in 2000 and 2001. During summer 2000, Enron reached its peak value of around $70B. December 2001 it filed for bankruptcy. The ColdFusion

Vocabulary: beeves

Tutoring English, surprises arise. The tutor mentions beeves. Beeves is plural of beef. It can refer to presented beef dinners or standing animals. I first read “beeves” in Shelby Foote’s The Civil War. I believe he was referring to cattle