Month: September 2019

Weather and seasons: frost today?

Self-tutoring about weather and seasons: the tutor mentions a surprising event. Normally, in our family, I’m the first up in the morning. Lying awake, around 6:20am, I heard no crickets. I speculated the overnight temp must have been low enough

Math: break-even year-over-year

Self-tutoring about math: the tutor mentions perhaps an oft-considered question. Suppose an investment loses x% this year. What percent does the resulting sum need to gain next year in order to break even? Imagine an investment of initial value $250.

Design: fall colours

Self-tutoring about fall colours: the tutor celebrates Fall 2019 Fall2019:) As a kid, earth tones weren’t my favourites. They seemed mundane, even tired. Blue, red, and green were cold and clean, untouched by the mess of everyday life. Now, I

Psychology: communication, part 1

Self-tutoring about communication: the tutor resumes from yesterday. Continuing with yesterday’s post, I understand, today, the realtor’s likely point of view. However, I have one final belief about it: I suspect he assumed they didn’t want to hear his advice

Lifestyle: communication, part 0

Self-tutoring about the “less is more” communication style. (Many?) years ago I saw a real estate show about people who couldn’t sell their houses. It was set in Britain and may have been “The Unsellables.” The way the show worked

Food: does MSG occur in nature?

Self-tutoring about food and taste: the tutor finds some facts about MSG. MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a salt. Glutamate is the active ingredient, since sodium salts are always soluble. Glutamates – even in the form MSG – occur naturally in

Exercise and fitness: intermittent fasting

Self-tutoring about weight loss: the tutor begins about intermittent fasting. Exercise alone won’t keep me thin these days, so I’ve begun intermittent fasting. Below is a model of my daily eating pattern: eat: 6hr don’t: 18hr I’ll follow up:) Source:

Design: grey and beige, part 2

Self-tutoring about colour: the tutor continues about grey and beige. Grey &beige. Source:

Web design: Grey and beige?

The tutor brings up an issue that arose about clothing. In the mid-90s I was told one shouldn’t combine grey with beige. Then, where I could see, beige was a safe colour for interior design. Grey is always a safe

Lifestyle: yellowjackets

Self-tutoring about yellowjacket lifestyle: the tutor tells news. A few weeks ago a yellowjacket apparently got stranded behind the front window. It eventually came to rest inside the top of its arch. As time passed, another joined it. I hadn’t