Month: November 2019

Canadian identity: windshield scraping

Self-tutoring about Canadian identity: the tutor comments… My wife is from Northern Ontario, and arrived here possibly around age 8. I’m from the Maritimes, and arrived on the west coast at age 16. We both know winter. Recently I’ve shown

Bird watching: LPP Birds of Canada

Self-tutoring about birds: the tutor mentions a new-found resource. Amidst the bustle of summer, a copy of Lone Pine’s Birds of Canada appeared on a shelf here. I’ve noticed it a couple of times but haven’t had time to examine

Retrospect: the paths, case 0

Self-tutoring about childhood memories: the tutor shares…. I lived on a military base from ages six to ten, then moved off base to a farming village. On the base, everyone rented, so no yards were fenced: “private property” didn’t exist

School reflections: Larry

Self-tutoring about a smart man I met when we were both children. I met Larry when I became his project. I was new at the school, grade four, just at the start of spring. “We need to get you set

Lifestyle: “Only one month until Christmas….”

Self-tutoring about anticipation: the tutor reflects…. When I was a kid, looking forward to Christmas brought endless pleasure from about this time of year. The holiday lights, the store displays, colouring Christmas scenes, the specials on TV…it was wonderful. Married

Spelling: “forgivable” misses

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor mentions an interesting notion. In English, consonants are easy, but vowels can be a challenge. Perhaps that’s why we might forgive wrong consonants but can’t forgive wrong vowels. For instance, consider the word “meant”: spelling

Psychology: why people wear hairbands with ears

Self-tutoring about psychology: the tutor reflects about a modern custom. As a kid, I never saw hairbands with animal-like ears. Perhaps they came into being sometime in the 90s, though I can’t confirm I saw any before 2000, except perhaps

English: platitude

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor mentions the word platitude. platitude: a meaningless remark made automatically. A platitude might be “You’re soaked” when someone comes in from the rain. The common “I’m so sorry” when someone encounters misfortune is another example.

Culture: what wa/is new wave, part 0

Self-tutoring about the early 80s: the tutor begins about new wave. If you remember the mid-70s to the early 80s, you recall music – especially hit music – changed. Not every song was different, but “rock and roll” was largely

English: trite

Tutoring English, vocabulary, especially uncommon, short words, is always interesting. trite: overused; automatically said, so apparently insincere. Examples in italics: I fell down the stairs. -You should be more careful. I caught the flu. -I’m so sorry to hear it.