Month: November 2019

English: devolution

Self-tutoring about English and Social Studies: the tutor looks up devolution. devolution: the voluntary transfer of rights or powers from a higher government to a more local one. Source: Mish, Frederick C. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004.

Social studies: what is a unitary state?

Self-tutoring about social studies: the tutor mentions the idea of unitary state. In a unitary state, all political power is owned by the central government. Power can be transferred from it to a local authority, but can then be rescinded.

School supplies: Tekwriter mechanical pencils

Self-tutoring about mechanical pencils: the tutor mentions a kind he’s discovered. Shopping for school supplies, my wife and I noticed big clear plastic boxes of many brightly colored mechanical pencils. We bought a couple of boxes, out of curiosity as

Psychology: neurosis vs psychosis

Self-tutoring about psychological terms: the tutor mentions a possible distinction between neurosis and psychosis. Over the years, I’ve developed the perception that neurosis and psychosis both involve a different viewpoint of reality from “typical.” I would have gone on to

Lifestyle: eating in a hotel room w/o a kitchenette

Self-tutoring about life on the road: the tutor mentions a habit he’s learned. Sometimes I go away to work, so live in Parksville or Nanaimo for a week. Some of those weeks I live in a hotel room with a

History: 2019: Remembrance Day reflections

Self-tutoring about Remembrance Day: the tutor reflects…. Of course, today is marked to honour those who have fallen defending their homelands in war. Many have marked graves; many do not. By far most were very young when killed. For a

Coffee: Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend, dark roast

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor mentions a kind he’s noticed. I like using espresso blend coffee beans to make drip coffee. An example is Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend, dark roast, a bag of which I’ve recently opened. The coffee packs

Group dynamics: exodus

Self-tutoring about human behaviour: the tutor notes a trait he’s long observed. Likely, one important reason humans have come to dominate Earth is their ability to cooperate. Beyond cooperation, humans have another facility which, when noticed, might be even more

Food, spelling: how do you spell “hummus”?

Self-tutoring about spelling: the tutor explores spelling the Middle-Eastern dip made from chick peas. Apparently, hummus, hommus, hummous, hoummus, or even humos are all ways to spell the dip made from chick peas. This spell checker only likes hummus. Source:

Exercise and fitness: walking to work

Self-tutoring about exercise: the tutor reflects. My work bag probably weighs 20lb. I’m ashamed to say that’s about 11 percent of my weight, but anyway… I wondered, on my way one morning, what the extra weight would mean for my