Month: January 2020

English: how do you spell the word for “one who denies?”

Tutoring English never gets old. The tutor shows a reason why. Denier: one who denies. I can barely believe my eyes, yet the spell checker has no quarrel with denier. How can I never have seen denier in print, yet

English: spurn: the physical verb

Tutoring English, vocabulary can surprise. The tutor mentions an aspect of the verb spurn. I’m familiar that spurn means reject, but it can be a less emotional term. Spurn can also mean to kick aside or step over while walking.

Geography: Wolves in France

Self-tutoring about geography and animals: the tutor mentions wolves in France. Perhaps a North American can be tempted to believe that Europe is no longer wild. However, Europe has its mountain ranges that still host wilderness. France has two wolf

Education: heuristic, part 0

Self-tutoring about thinking and learning: the tutor mentions the term heuristic, used as a noun. One of the smartest people I’ve met was a head waiter. Once he showed me proper placement of cutlery on a table, and called it

Math: a detail about order of operations

Tutoring math, so often a detail can pose danger. The tutor relates such a case. Occasionally, regarding order of operations, I’ve heard people say you do addition before subtraction, since of course in BEDMAS, A comes before S. It’s a

Lifestyle: YouTube channels: That Chapter

Self-tutoring about true crime and mystery channels on YouTube: the tutor relates…. I believe I discovered Mike’s YouTube channel That Chapter a little over a year ago. That Chapter covers unsolved crime and disappearance. Its subscription has exploded since I’ve

Handyman role: plumbing: quick connects

Self-tutoring about plumbing: the tutor relates…. I had to change out a plumbing connector the other day…it seems its liner was disintegrating. I went to the hardware store and got helpful advice. (I also made a few impulse buys.) When

Writing: what are guillemets?

Self-tutoring about special characters: the tutor mentions a discovery. «Guillemets» are angle brackets used around quotations; apparently they’re common in French, while English uses “quotation marks.” Source:

Children: the playground

Self-tutoring about children and being a parent: the tutor recalls…. Before the kids entered middle school I took them outside for a couple of hours, rain or shine, each day they didn’t have school. I did so to give them

BC schools: Heritage Woods

Self-tutoring about schools in BC: the tutor mentions Heritage Woods. I attended a wrestling tournament yesterday – more to come about that:) Today I want to mention Heritage Woods, a school I learned of at yesterday’s tournament. Heritage Woods is