Self-tutoring about JavaScript: the tutor mentions the object window.location JavaScript has the window.location object, which contains information about the current page open in the browser. For instance, window.location.origin will give the url of the current page. Source:

Self-tutoring about Android mobile phones: the tutor mentions a recovery. My mobile phone is from 2013 – a Nexus 4. I’ve no plans to change that; I’m comfortable with it. A few days back I got the pop-up message: ‘Unfortunately, …

Mobile phones: Android: recovery from ‘Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped’ Read more »

Self-tutoring about Python: the tutor mentions not and not equal. Python’s not operator is the word not, rather than !. Yet, Python’s not equal operator is !=. Therefore, to test (in)equality, there seem two choices: x!=y not (x==y) Source: