Baking: red velvet cake

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor nears fulfillment of a long held curiosity.

I first heard of red velvet cake possibly on Master Chef. Since then, I notice it often. I assume it must be something special.

I heard tell that true red velvet cake has cream cheese icing. My wife tells me our kids don’t like cream cheese icing: was my prospect of red velvet cake doomed from the start?

Today I searched the internet for a red velvet cake recipe, pretending not to recall the necessity of cream cheese icing. Sure enough, I found a recipe that doesn’t require it; rather, it includes icing from milk, butter, vanilla, etc. I made that one; the cakes are cooling on wire racks, nearly ready to ice. I just have to finish the icing.

I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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