Bird watching, lifestyle: When a Steller’s jay comes calling….

Bird watching means self-tutoring. The tutor reports observing a Steller’s jay – an event he anticipates each year.

My reading suggests that Vancouver Island is not part of the permanent range occupied by Steller’s jays. However, they absolutely do come here: I saw one in the backyard on Wednesday. They’re a little smaller than a crow, and bluer, though they darken on the way up, so that the head can be black. The Steller’s jay has a pointed crest atop its head, making it very easy to identify. Moreover, it’s an eye-catching bird because it’s so active.

Most of the time I don’t see Steller’s jays, but typically do see them in fall or spring. I speculate that the ones I see are passing through, though my reading suggests they’re not migratory. I see fewer now than in earlier times.

Of course, it’s often easier to hear a bird than see it. I’ve included a link below to a video that plays common Steller’s jay calls.



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