Calculator usage: The ENG function on the Casio fx-260solar

The tutor explains his recent understanding of a function he’s wondered about.

I’ve noticed the ENG function on more than one calculator, but have never used it. I’ve always assumed it means “engineering”; since I’m not one, it makes sense that I’m unfamiliar with it.

Yesterday my curiosity finally focused on this mysterious ENG function. You access it by SHIFT ÷ on the Casio fx-260solar. If you’re in COMP mode (I haven’t tried it with other modes), it seems to change the entered number to the highest power of 103 for which the number will be > 1. Examples:

0.056 SHIFT ÷ gives 56×10-3

0.000362 SHIFT ÷ gives 362×10-6

12037059.1 SHIFT ÷ gives 12.0370591×106

While I’m not an engineer, this notation is familiar to me. I know that in electronics, it’s common to refer to 0.056A as 56mA. Similarly, 0.000178A will likely by referred to as 178µA, also known as 178×10-6A. 12400000Ω would likely be referred to as 12.4MΩ (M=Mega=106).

I have more to say about the ENG function:)


Casio fx-260solar operation manual. London: Casio Electronics Co., Ltd.

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