Canadian geography: railway on Vancouver Island

Self-tutoring about transportation on Vancouver Island: the tutor mentions rail.

Around two weeks ago I was at the intersection of Bowen and Island Hwy N when I heard a train horn for the first time in many years. Train tracks cross Bowen there, and there are even red lights and gate arms there in case a train would be crossing and traffic would need to stop for it. Yet, I’ve never seen that equipment operate – until then.

In other parts of North America, trains are common. I grew up near an active rail line. However, I was unaware we still have trains running on Vancouver Island. Seeing the train approach, then pass, was exciting. It was, as I recall, five cars long, with no recognizable caboose. There was a worker riding outside the last car.

I asked people around Nanaimo and they confirm that, indeed, a train does run through there. Apparently rail service connects Victoria, Courtenay, and Port Alberni.


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