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Academic habits: cramming

Self-tutoring about study habits: the tutor mentions cramming. In my opinion, studying is best done day by day throughout a course. It’s not an original opinion; it’s one I heard countless times as a student. Moreover, I’ve experienced success from

Academic hints: how to combat writer’s block

Self-tutoring about writer’s block: the tutor mentions a way to overcome it. My favourite recommendation for bridging writer’s block is to allow yourself to write at a lower quality. The sub-par writing can then be mined for ideas that may

Academic habits, Lifestyle: preliminary ideas about successful email communication

The tutor gives a few ideas about email habits. I don’t use email much; at times I’ve used it more. Email is a type of communication that, because it’s recorded, perhaps needs special preparation before engaging. Here are some hints

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Typing: some dangerous hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts)

The tutor finds the “keys” to missing sections of text. Especially on a laptop, when I’m typing a post, a chunk of text suddenly disappears. I’ve got in the habit of right-clicking, then clicking undo, to resurrect the accidentally deleted

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Coffee: fair trade

The tutor shares some reflections about the fair trade movement in connection with coffee. My wife and I were very poor while I was at university.  My joke is that we didn’t eat Kraft Dinner; rather, we ate the store

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Coffee: a tutor’s reflections, part 0

The tutor discusses coffee, a cornerstone of the academic lifestyle. In high school, I drank 8 cups of coffee a day. (I’m 6′ anyway; any taller and clothes might not be so easy to find.) My doctor told me, at

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Internet research: the tutor comments

The tutor opens a discussion of research in today’s context. Nowadays, virtually everyone counts on the internet not just for entertainment, but for important information.  Travelers likely use it to access ferry schedules, highway routes, and weather forecasts.  DIYers might

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chmod: Setting a file read-only in Linux

The tutor uses Linux and Windows both, so he tries to cover them equally.   In yesterday’s post I explained a way to set a file read-only in Windows. Today, I do so for a Linux system. Linux has many

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How to make files read-only in Windows

The tutor continues his discussion of read-only files. In yesterday’s post I opened the discussion about read-only files – specifically, why one might want to use them. Suppose one did want to use them. How would they go about doing

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