Technology, mobile phones: Nexus 4: .aux folder in DCIM

Using technology can lead to continual self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a fact he learned today.

Looking to download some photos from my phone to storage, I found a .aux folder inside the DCIM one. (DCIM means Digital Camera IMages.)

Wondering what the .aux folder contains, I opened it and found a single image relating to many others the kids took years ago while assembling an animation. Yet, why is it there, alone?

I discovered a similar photo to it in the main DCIM, alongside the others from that day. Yet, it’s from a few days later. It’s a mirror image of the one in .aux.

Apparently, when an image is altered, its original may (on some platforms) be stored in a .aux folder, while the changed one replaces its predecessor in DCIM. Such seems to be what happened in this case, anyway.



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