Bullying: the ubiquitous menace

The tutor weighs in on bullying.

This morning I was told it’s pink shirt day.  Since I’m known for wearing pink anyway, my wife pointed out that I should wear it today.  I built an outfit around a hot pink sweater:  it was great.

I love wearing pink because, when I was a kid, I was bullied for not being “manly”.  I was one of those skinny boys with no apparent muscles.  I took abuse for that from elementary school right into my twenties.  I was never seriously hurt, but the bullying took its toll.

At school, there was no rule against bullying when I was a kid.  Physical fighting wasn’t allowed, but social bullying was wide open.  If you were being bullied, that was your problem.  You either had to solve it, or just “take it.”

Social bullying is, supposedly, frowned upon today.  Yet, it seems unlikely to stop. Bullying is expressed through unkindness, which can be effective even when it’s very subtle.

One problem with confronting bullies is that, of course, they are generally gifted in some way.  Many I faced as a kid were physically gifted with strength.  Social bullies are gifted with an awareness of how to gain approval from the “right people” – and how to use that approval as ammunition.  They are smart, and attractive.  That’s a pretty tough combination to go up against.

What bullies gain from being so, is a question I’ve pondered.  I think in the end, bullying is a waste of time.  It’s a symptom of talent mixed with immaturity.

I think the best defense against bullying is love at home.  If a child knows they’re loved and cherished, and that they will be welcomed home, I think that child can survive just about anything.  Let’s hope that all children can count on that.

Happy pink shirt day:)

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