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Canadian identity: windshield scraping

Self-tutoring about Canadian identity: the tutor comments… My wife is from Northern Ontario, and arrived here possibly around age 8. I’m from the Maritimes, and arrived on the west coast at age 16. We both know winter. Recently I’ve shown

Canadian culture: Eight Seconds: “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)”

Self-tutoring about Canadian culture: the tutor mentions a song he continues to enjoy. “Kiss You (when it’s dangerous)” came out around ’85, as I remember, having seen it on CBC’s Video Hits show. Samantha Taylor mentioned the band – Eight

Canadian culture: Jane Siberry: One More Colour

Self-tutoring about Canadian culture: the tutor reflects on a memorable Canadian 80s hit. Jane Siberry is a Canadian music artist. Perhaps she began in ’81 or before, but I know of her because of a single hit from the 1980s:

Canadian culture, poetry: You Learn, Alanis Morissette

Tutoring English, you encounter poems and songs. The tutor comments about one with which he’s gotten reacquainted. Alanis Morisette’s album Jagged Little Pill yields numerous good songs, among them You Learn. Back in the late nineties, I liked You Learn,

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Canadian culture, social studies: Canadian ethnicity

Tutoring social studies, ethnicity may arise. The tutor brings up an example he observed. In the Fraser Valley last week, I was leaving a hotel lobby to return to the room. The night air felt brisk on the face; snow

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Canadian Culture: Peter and Lou

Tutoring social studies, you might wonder how your own experience fits. The tutor contemplates Valdy’s Peter and Lou. I recall hearing Peter and Lou on the radio as a kid. Yesterday I suddenly felt great importance about looking it up,

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Canadian language: what does Kabloona mean?

The tutor shares a term he discovered in the dictionary. Kabloona is an Inuit term referring to a non-Inuit; the term particularly suggests a white person. It has been used to describe white people present to do specific functions: police,

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English: Hardy Boys series: a Canadian connection

The tutor continues his probe of the popular Hardy Boys mystery series. Back on Jan 19, I began about the Hardy Boys. I’ve not stopped reading them to my kids, now 11 and 13. In fact, we just finished Mystery

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Canadian weather: When February was the coldest month

The tutor offers more reflections about his past experiences with Canadian weather. Here on the west coast today, it’s 8°C; we’re under a rainfall warning.  Subtropical air filled with moisture is sweeping over us; it’s typical west coast winter weather.

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Canadian history: how French rights prevailed in Quebec after 1763

Tutoring social studies, questions come to mind that aren’t necessarily discussed every day.  The tutor focuses on a central question about the Canadian identity. To a Canadian anglophone, the “other world” of Quebec is intriguing.  Anyone who’s been there knows

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