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Strength training: On your feet

Self-tutoring about working out: the tutor mentions a philosophy he heard from ATHLEAN-X on youtube. I’ve always wondered about seated exercises: Wouldn’t doing them standing, if possible, be better? Jeff Cavaliere, from ATHLEAN-X, points out that “Athletes train with their

Strength training: one rep max by calculation

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor reports a great find. A lifter might not want to attempt a one rep max. Bench-press one rep max, for instance, might be hazardous to attempt. Yet, one might still wonder what theirs might

Strength training: the suicide grip

Self-tutoring about weight training: the tutor explores his curiosity about the suicide grip. The suicide grip – known also as the false grip or thumbless grip – is thought to be dangerous because the thumb and fingers all curl around

Rep range: changing it up, part II

Self-tutoring about weight training: the tutor continues about changing rep range. Back in my post from November 24, I mention that rotating rep range might be important for increasing the effectiveness of strength training. In fact, strength gains might almost

Weight training with weight loss: what about carbs?

Self-tutoring about diet and health: the tutor inquires about a symptom he’s noticed. My sixteen-year-old is a body builder. A couple months back, I decided to join him. He’s excited to show me what he’s learned about it, and asks

Rep range: is change the key?

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor mentions the importance of changing rep range. Rep ranges might be 1-6 (for strength), 8-12 (for growth), and 13 to 20 (for endurance). Yet, the key to best results might be to shift among

Running treadmill vs outside

Self-tutoring about fitness: the tutor reflects about running on a treadmill vs outside. I first tried running on a treadmill a couple of weeks back. I find it requires greater awareness than running outside, since specific position on the belt

What is hiit?

Self-tutoring about fitness and health: the tutor explores the idea of hiit (high intensity interval training). High intensity interval training means alternation between maximum effort and light effort. Of course, the exerciser needs to warm up first. Then, the typical

What is a curl-up?

Self-tutoring about exercise: the tutor seeks the definition of curl-up. A curl-up is done like so: The arms are folded across the chest. The heels are flat on the floor. The knees are bent. In the “down” position, the person’s

Why it’s best to avoid spine-bending exercises when you get up

Exercise self-tutoring: the tutor looks at spine flexibility. Apparently, the discs in the back soak up water overnight; therefore, when a person rises in the morning, the back is less flexible than later on. It’s a natural fact. Because of