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Exercise and fitness: muscle training

Self-tutoring about muscle training: the tutor mentions an interesting rule of thumb he noticed. In a biology text I recently read that to accomplish muscle growth, 75% or more of its maximum force needs to be applied. Source: Mader, Sylvia

Exercise and fitness: the fat-burning zone

Self-tutoring about exercise and fitness: the tutor looks up the meaning of “fat-burning zone.” Exercise equipment has suggested to me that the optimal pace for fat burn is lower than max. Apparently, the “fat burning zone” is around 60-75% of

Exercise and fitness: hill running

Self-tutoring about training: the tutor reflects about an activity he’s recently begun. Years ago I kept fit by running, but gave it up around 2015 because I started to feel it in the hips. Yet, recently, I’ve begun a new

Exercise: maximum heart rate

Self-tutoring about exercise: the tutor entertains a long-wondered question. The idea of “maximum” heart rate is well known to many who exercise. Some machines suggest it and you often hear the rule of thumb that it’s (220 – your age).

Exercise and fitness: motivation, part 0

Self-tutoring about motivation towards exercise: the tutor reflects. In my experience, exercise is less comfortable than relaxing. So how does a person propel themselves from relaxing to exercise? Perhaps just as importantly, how to ensure they work hard enough to

Strength training: a trick

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor mentions a pragmatic deception. I lift weights with my 16-year-old son. During the past 8 months, he’s overtaken my strength in every dimension. Now, the weights he warms up with are often my maximum

Strength training: synergy

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor makes an observation. Like often, my son and I hit the gym after supper this evening: he’s a body builder. I wasn’t making any PRs tonight, but he did. Perhaps someone else was trying

Strength training: deloading

Self-tutoring about plateaus in strength training: the tutor mentions an idea he heard. Most athletes are aware of reaching a plateau, then perhaps even receding, and how it can derail confidence and motivation. Yesterday I found this video by Lee

Strength training: On your feet

Self-tutoring about working out: the tutor mentions a philosophy he heard from ATHLEAN-X on youtube. I’ve always wondered about seated exercises: Wouldn’t doing them standing, if possible, be better? Jeff Cavaliere, from ATHLEAN-X, points out that “Athletes train with their

Strength training: one rep max by calculation

Self-tutoring about strength training: the tutor reports a great find. A lifter might not want to attempt a one rep max. Bench-press one rep max, for instance, might be hazardous to attempt. Yet, one might still wonder what theirs might