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French: verbs: how to form the imparfait

The tutor shows the easy trick to form the imparfait. Way back in my post from Aug 24, 2012, I mentioned when to use the imparfait vs passé composé vs plus-que-parfait. Today, it’s been brought to my attention that many

French education: the challenge of exogamy

In BC, 75% of francophone families are exogamous. Exogamy refers to the marriage of someone from a certain culture, to a spouse from outside that culture.  From the francophone perspective, an exogamous family has one parent with French as the

French: practical hints for typing accents

When you tutor French, a student might ask how to produce the accents on an English keyboard.  Here are a couple of options: On a Microsoft product, every French accent has its own Alt+(4 digit code).  For instance, this ç

French: present tense of avoir and être

Whether tutoring French or learning it, these verb conjugations are critically important. The French verb to be is  être.  Its present tense conjugation is as follows: je suis (I am) nous sommes (we are) tu es (you [singular] are) vous êtes

French: passé composé, imparfait, and plus-que-parfait: when to use them.

Hello: Well, today I thought we’d discuss some French:  specifically, the passé composé, the imparfait, and the plus-que-parfait.  In what situation do you use each? The passé composé is the first way to express the past tense that I learned in high school.  It