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Lifestyle: How much might a corkscrew cost?

Self-tutoring about life on the road: the tutor observes…. Living in a hotel, you might not realize what you don’t have because you’re away from home. Last night, I bought a bottle of wine. I didn’t have the presence of

Holidays: Christmas 2019, Nanaimo

Self-tutoring about the recent Christmas season: does it endure? We’ve all heard of the Twelve Days of Christmas, which run Dec 25 through Jan 5. Yet, can Christmas endure even past then? Last night, January 5th, I walked some blocks

Lifestyle: New Year’s resolutions

Self-tutoring about one of my favourite topics: the tutor begins about New Year’s 2020. As a kid I heard adults mentions New Year’s resolutions – that was in the Maritimes. Here on the West Coast, I seldom hear about them.

Fat loss: targeted?

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor wonders if selective fat loss is possible. Apparently, targeted fat loss is a naive notion. My son has been telling me so for months, and he reads about fitness constantly. Last night, in playful provocation,

Holidays: Christmas Eve, 2019

Self-tutoring about holidays: the tutor sends his greetings… Happy holidays, everyone. On Christmas Eve, I want to share some history. My mother’s parents ended up in a little town in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. For retail, the town might

Lifestyle: special items, part 0

Self-tutoring about life and possessions: the tutor begins about special items. With Christmas only hours away, some are very excited about what they might unwrap. Who can blame them – we live in a materialistic culture. I’m too old to

Lifestyle: television dramas: Secret City

Self-tutoring about television: the tutor mentions a great find. My wife and I, for the last hour or two of a day, watch television. We have shows we like such as BlackList and House of Cards. Lately we’ve found a

Lifestyle: “Only one month until Christmas….”

Self-tutoring about anticipation: the tutor reflects…. When I was a kid, looking forward to Christmas brought endless pleasure from about this time of year. The holiday lights, the store displays, colouring Christmas scenes, the specials on TV…it was wonderful. Married

Lifestyle: eating in a hotel room w/o a kitchenette

Self-tutoring about life on the road: the tutor mentions a habit he’s learned. Sometimes I go away to work, so live in Parksville or Nanaimo for a week. Some of those weeks I live in a hotel room with a

Coffee: Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend, dark roast

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor mentions a kind he’s noticed. I like using espresso blend coffee beans to make drip coffee. An example is Kirkland Signature Espresso Blend, dark roast, a bag of which I’ve recently opened. The coffee packs