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Cooking: internal temperature increase

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor mentions an observation. Today I was heating some chicken burgers whose instructions suggested, for a start, to bake them in a preheated 425F oven for about 20 minutes, then continue until an internal temp of

Lifestyle: communication, part 0

Self-tutoring about the “less is more” communication style. (Many?) years ago I saw a real estate show about people who couldn’t sell their houses. It was set in Britain and may have been “The Unsellables.” The way the show worked

Exercise and fitness: intermittent fasting

Self-tutoring about weight loss: the tutor begins about intermittent fasting. Exercise alone won’t keep me thin these days, so I’ve begun intermittent fasting. Below is a model of my daily eating pattern: eat: 6hr don’t: 18hr I’ll follow up:) Source:

Lifestyle: yellowjackets

Self-tutoring about yellowjacket lifestyle: the tutor tells news. A few weeks ago a yellowjacket apparently got stranded behind the front window. It eventually came to rest inside the top of its arch. As time passed, another joined it. I hadn’t

Cooking: how I prepare squash

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor shares a technique and a memory. I mention squash in yesterday’s post. How do I cook it? We ate squash often when I was a kid in the Maritimes. I think my father used halve

Cooking: squash that looks like a pumpkin

Self-tutoring about cooking and gardening: the tutor identifies a squash. About a week ago, at a grocery store, I noticed a bin containing various squashes. I love squash, so gravitated towards it. “Do the kids eat squash?” I asked my

Lifestyle: back-to-school clearing

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor observes some details about another project. My wife works in a school, and of course my kids are in high school. When they all return, I tackle chores that are mine alone. One, this week,

Lifestyle: barbeque assembly

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor gives commentary about assembling a barbeque. When the kids go back to school, I typically take on a project. Last night and this morning I assembled a new barbeque. The carton was too heavy to

School 102: returning, part II

Self-tutoring about returning to school: the tutor resumes reflection. Continuing from yesterday’s post: I’m aware that many people don’t reflect about the passage of time, so don’t get surprised by its results. Regardless of the tricks time plays during summer,

School 102: returning

Self-tutoring about returning to school: the tutor reflects…. I recall school ending rather suddenly when I was a kid. One June I left it on the last day of classes, then wondered where to go. I lived on a military