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Lifestyle: waxing a snow shovel?

Self-tutoring about snow clearing: the tutor mentions an idea he tried. I’ve never heard of anyone’s waxing a snow shovel. Yet, this morning, the idea came to me. I was using a deep shovel. When I would throw the snow,

Bodybuilding: Eddie Hall

Self-tutoring about point of view: the tutor mentions a discussion with his son. Returning from the gym this morning, my son mentioned Eddie Hall. “He dead-lifted 500kg. From the exertion, he forgot his children’s names for two weeks.” I paused,

Baking: red velvet cake

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor nears fulfillment of a long held curiosity. I first heard of red velvet cake possibly on Master Chef. Since then, I notice it often. I assume it must be something special. I heard tell that

Cooking: pork roast internal temperature

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor mentions findings about the desired internal temperature of pork roast. Yesterday I looked up the internal temperature for pork roast. Here are my findings, as I understand: USDA Health Canada 145F (followed by 3+ minute

Lifestyle: holiday events: before or after the day?

Self-tutoring about holidays: the tutor philosophizes about when their events might be held. A couple of days ago I drove by a sign advertising a Valentine’s dance: Valentine’s Dance Saturday February 16 Immediately I was charmed by the message, because

Baking: why dark metal pans need less heat

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor shares a fact he picked up about baking pans. I’ve seen baking instructions that mention one temp for glass or shiny metal pan, but 25°F less for dark pan. But why? Apparently, it’s the dark

Lifestyle: blending coffee

Self-tutoring about blending coffee: the tutor shares a couple of observations. I drink a lot of coffee, and definitely know what I like. Sometimes I blend coffees, but not usually. How do I decide whether to blend two coffees? Let’s

Cooking: why I prefer butter (or margarine) to oil

Self-tutoring about pan frying: the tutor reflects. When cooking in a frying pan, I use butter (or margarine), even if the recipe calls for oil. My reason: oil can heat up without giving any sign, whereas butter (or margarine) gives

Lifestyle: how long can ground coffee stay fresh, after it’s opened?

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor inquires how quickly to use up ground coffee when it’s no longer sealed. Typically I buy bean coffee which I grind as needed. However, ground coffee can be very convenient. How long might it maintain

Lifestyle: New Year’s Eve reflection

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor notices a trend from 2018. I do make a New Year’s resolution. This year’s, I plan to share in a coming post. For now, I want to mention a trend I’ve observed during 2018. I