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Lifestyle: fingernail mend with super glue

Self-tutoring about daily problem solving: the tutor mentions a fix. I broke a nail a couple months back. It tore so badly it cut the skin underneath. I taped it, but realized that, broken like so, the nail would continue

Gardening: attracting earthworms

Self-tutoring about gardening: the tutor shares a story. Many years ago I was aerating the lawn with a hand tool when a man approached me from where he was parked across the street. “Hello…what are you doing?” he asked. “Aerating

Cooking: salt in butter

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor reflects…. As I’ve been reminded lately, I’m not getting any younger. Recently I ruminated about age while baking my own birthday cake. Shortly, though, my mind wandered to other topics. The best posts, I find,

Traveling: the morning promenade

Self-tutoring about traveling lifestyle: the tutor mentions a custom. I seldom travel, but when I do, I enjoy the infrastructure there. One of my favourite ways to experience it is a morning promenade. Often, a hotel will have self-serve coffee

Cooking: temp to keep food warm?

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor mentions keeping cooked food warm in the oven. Wanting to keep prepared food warm, I looked up a recommendation. One site mentions 200F. Covering the food with foil is recommended. The chicken was already fully

Weight loss: visualization

Self-tutoring about weight: the tutor reflects. About a year ago I was 165 lbs, wearing belts and pants left aside for years. I felt – and looked – younger. There was an important difference, however, between when I was 165

Baking: red velvet cake, part II

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor follows up about his attempt at red velvet cake. On February 8 I talk about red velvet cake and my decision to make it. My wife arrived as I was blending the icing. Seeing the

Lifestyle: waxing a snow shovel?

Self-tutoring about snow clearing: the tutor mentions an idea he tried. I’ve never heard of anyone’s waxing a snow shovel. Yet, this morning, the idea came to me. I was using a deep shovel. When I would throw the snow,

Bodybuilding: Eddie Hall

Self-tutoring about point of view: the tutor mentions a discussion with his son. Returning from the gym this morning, my son mentioned Eddie Hall. “He dead-lifted 500kg. From the exertion, he forgot his children’s names for two weeks.” I paused,

Baking: red velvet cake

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor nears fulfillment of a long held curiosity. I first heard of red velvet cake possibly on Master Chef. Since then, I notice it often. I assume it must be something special. I heard tell that