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Math: idempotent

Tutoring math, terms can be interesting. The tutor mentions idempotent. idempotent (adj): repeatable without further result, or unchanged by repetition of an operation. Source:

Math: bacon and eggs

Tutoring math, you face real-life scenarios. The tutor mentions an example. Suppose one egg and two strips of bacon contain 13.5g protein, but two eggs and one strip of bacon contain 16.5g protein. How much in each? Let x be

Math: increase then decrease by same percentage, or vice-versa

Tutoring math, you run into curiosities. The tutor mentions one with percentage. If an amount is increased, then decreased, by the same percentage, the net effect is shrinkage, regardless of which happens first. Let the amount be 100. Furthermore, for

Math: ratios: making oatmeal: 4:9

Self-tutoring about ratios: the tutor reflects about preparing oatmeal. The ratio of oatmeal to water, with the brand I use, is 1 and 1/3 cup to 3 cups. As such, it’s a less convenient ratio to scale up or down

Metric system: how big is a hectare?

Tutoring science, the metric system may arise. The tutor mentions the definition of a hectare. hectare (noun): a square unit spanning 10000m2. A hectare can be pictured an as area 100m wide by 100m long. Another way to imagine a

Calculator usage: negative numbers to rational exponents (with odd roots)

Tutoring high school math, scientific calculators are a permanent fascination. The tutor mentions a quirk many might share. Due to and the fact that a common exponent notation is xa=x^a, it follows that (-8)^(2/3)=4. Curiously, of all the calculators in

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Spreadsheets: Excel: the pi() function

Tutoring math, your curiosity naturally extends to spreadsheets. The tutor points out a neat feature of Excel. If you type =pi() in a cell, the value of π will appear. I find that 14 decimal places are available. Source:

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Math, engineering, trades: steepness measurement: definition of grade

Tutoring math, you encounter grade. The tutor discusses its definition and why it might be surprising. Grade is defined as 100%*(vertical/horizontal). In the above diagram, it would be as follows: grade=100%*(rise/run). By itself, rise/run is called slope. Therefore, grade=100%*slope What

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Math: commutative operations

Tutoring math, you encounter definitions. The tutor defines commutative. commutative adj describes an operation for which the order of the inputs doesn’t change the output. Since 6×7=7×6, multiplication is commutative. So is addition. Source: Gallian, Joseph A. Contemporary Abstract Algebra.

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Math: what does associative mean?

Tutoring math, you mention definitions. The tutor defines associative. associative(adj): independent of grouping: for instance, (a+b)+c = a+(b+c), meaning that addition is associative. Multiplication is associative as well. Source: Gallian, Joseph A. Contemporary Abstract Algebra. Toronto: D.C. Heath and Company,

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