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Mechanics: how much torque can a 1/2 inch drive withstand?

Self-tutoring about mechanics: the tutor shares a question and his own experience. Sometimes, typing a question into a search engine, you need only a few words before the anticipation algorithm completes it. I always feel good then, because I know

Physical chemistry: efficiency of internal combustion engine in hot vs cold weather

The tutor examines the idea that internal combustion engines are more efficient in cold weather. An upper limit for efficiency of an internal combustion engine is eff = (Tcombust – Tsurrounding)/Tcombust where Tcombust is the temp of the combustion cylinder

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Lifestyle: toy repair with J-B Weld, part II

The tutor continues about a toy repair, with some reinforcement ideas. While we were repairing the toy a few nights ago (see my previous post), my father-in-law suggested that, after the first repair cured, a second application should be considered

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Lifestyle: toy repair w/ J-B Weld

The tutor wonders about a pending toy repair. My younger son has a toy he really loves that broke. Specifically, a pot metal part sheared off. It’s a toy out of production, so can’t be replaced. Looking at the breakage,

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More unit conversions: engine volume

Tutoring high school math, unit conversions are often visited.  The math tutor discusses the conversion of engine displacements.   Back when I was a kid, I had a 50cc (cc:cubic centimetre, also written as cm3) minibike. My friends soon got

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