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Smartphones: a way to get rid of “Unfortunately, Google has stopped”

Self-tutoring about a smartphone: the tutor mentions a solution he found. Recently my smartphone (Nexus 4 from 2013, I believe) started popping up a message pane: “Unfortunately, Google has stopped.” It would pop up over and over, sometimes only a

Mobile phones: texting auto-correct: unset

Self-tutoring about mobile phone usage: the tutor mentions a change he made today. My son mentioned to me the other day that he’d turned off auto-correct for his phone’s texting app. “You can do that?” I asked. “Yes. Go to

Smartphones: how to clear cache on android phone

Self-tutoring about smartphones: the tutor shares a way to clear the browser cache on an android phone. Here’s how I did it: Go to Settings, then Apps. Select the App whose cache you want to clear: in my case it

Screen resolution, dp and ppi

Self-tutoring about technology: the tutor inquires about screen size, resolution, dp, and ppi. Apparently, dp is 160x(screen size in inches). Resolution means, as I understand, the logical, rather than physical, linear elements across the screen. The reason: ppi (pixels per

Mobile phones, electronics: should I unplug the phone charger when not in use?

Technology self-tutoring: the tutor checks the importance of unplugging an unused phone charger. I’ve read in more than one place to unplug a phone charger when it’s not being used. Doing so I find inconvenient, but I’ve done it anyway

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Technology, mobile phones: Nexus 4: .aux folder in DCIM

Using technology can lead to continual self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a fact he learned today. Looking to download some photos from my phone to storage, I found a .aux folder inside the DCIM one. (DCIM means Digital Camera IMages.) Wondering

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Lifestyle, mobile phones: phone cases

Perhaps lifestyle requires more tutoring than anything else – for me, anyway. The tutor relays his experience phone case shopping. Yesterday I got schooled on how to buy phone cases. I’m interested to share what I’ve learned. We bought my

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Mobile phones: apps: TextNow

The tutor discusses a messaging app he’s happy to have found. Suppose you want to text, but don’t have a phone number. Perhaps the solution could be TextNow, an app by Enflick, Inc., of Waterloo, Ontario. I downloaded it for

Mobile phones: good charging habits

The tutor shares best practices for charging a smart phone. Most people know that there’s probably a “better” way to charge a smartphone. What is it? Conversely, what are some practices to avoid? Apparently, the best habit is to keep

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Home computer use, technology: what is SoC?

The tutor shares a discovery he made while researching Windows 10. In my June 26 post I began about the possibility of upgrading to Windows 10 from Windows 7. I’ve heard the deadline to do so for free is July

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