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Why does gtt mean drops?

Self-tutoring about medical terminology: the tutor looks into a common abbreviation. Apparently, gtt means drops because of the Latin word “guttae” for drops. Source:

Biology: pH range of blood

Tutoring biology, as well as hearing new ideas about nutrition, might lead to the topic of blood pH. On the pH scale, 7 is neutral, below 7, acid, and above 7, alkaline (or base). Human blood pH range, for health,

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Biology, nursing: what is blood plasma?

Tutoring biology, you might be asked about blood plasma. The tutor mentions its defintion. blood plasma: the liquid that holds the red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. The plasma consists of water and substances suspended or dissolved therein:

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Health: what is cortisol and what does it do, part 0

Researching the human body can mean continual self-tutoring. The tutor begins about the critical hormone cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Its release is augmented when the person feels stress. It has many effects; what follows

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Biology: what is a basement membrane?

Tutoring biology, terminology is so important. The tutor gives a definition of the term basement membrane. basement membrane: a boundary layer that fastens overlying epithelial tissue to connective tissue beneath. The basement membrane comprises glycoprotein from the epithelial tissue, with

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Biology: digestive enzymes: pepsin and trypsin

Approaching another biology workshop, the tutor looks at the human body’s two main digestive enzymes aimed at proteins. For each type of food molecule the body has its own specific digestive enzyme(s). For protein, there are two: pepsin and trypsin.

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Biology: insulin response and insulin resistance

The tutor defines insulin response and insulin resistance and explains their connection. Recall: herein, ACV means apple cider vinegar. In yesterday’s post I mentioned my discovery that apple cider vinegar potentially increases the effectiveness of insulin. As carbohydrates are digested,

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Biology: nervous system: action potential

The tutor offers a summary of how a nerve impulse propagates. The cells that carry nerve impulses are called neurons. Neurons have long conduits through which the impulses travel. A nerve impulse, as it conducts along a neuron, can be

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Fibre: soluble, insoluble?

The tutor has wondered about fibre ever since he heard about soluble fibre. Back in the early 90s, when I was in university so cut off from day-to-day culture (no TV, no money, no time), a few snippets still did

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Biology: oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer through the blood

Tutoring biology 12, you cover the circulatory system.  The tutor mentions a specific issue about it. The number one reason for the circulatory system is transport of oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide away from them.  This is done

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