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Nutrition: whey

Self-tutoring about protein and whey: the tutor mentions some findings…. Whey, apparently, is the liquid found separate after cheese is made from milk. In its raw, liquid form, whey is less than 1% protein. However, its protein content is very

Homemade apple pie: good for you?

Self-tutoring about eating and lifestyle: the tutor reflects. Recently I made a couple of apple pies because we had a big bag of apples we’d gotten for cheap. I must have used 6 pounds of apples making the pies. I

Food: oatmeal vs shredded wheat

Self-tutoring about food: the tutor compares oatmeal (from rolled oats) with shredded wheat. oatmeal1 shredded wheat protein (mg/cal) 37 33 fibre (mg/cal) 26 44 GI2 55 67 1From rolled oats, not instant. 2Glycemic index: lower is better. I like both

Nutrition: glycemic index of vegetable oil

Self-tutoring about glycemic index: the tutor mentions the glycemic index of vegetable oil. Since it doesn’t contain carbohydrate, the glycemic index of vegetable oil is zero. Source:

Celery: health benefits

Self-tutoring about nutrition: the tutor gives celery a closer look. As a vegetable, celery is convenient to serve. It needn’t be peeled, just washed and chopped into sticks. It’s not my kids’ favourite, but dietary variety is important. I wondered

Food: banana: a good source of fibre?

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor mentions the fibre content of a banana. A typical banana has around 100 calories, with 2.6g of fibre. Suggested fibre intake might be 14g per 1000 calories, or 1.4g per 100 calories. The banana offers

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Lifestyle, nutrition: SunButter: a school-safe substitute for peanut butter?

Lifestyle can mean constant self-tutoring. The tutor introduces SunButter as a possible solution to the “No Peanuts” rule in so many schools. I’ve talked to parents who point out that peanut butter and jam sandwiches are their kids’ favourite. Others

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Lifestyle, nutrition, health: Fibre battle: apple vs orange

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor researches which fruit – apple or orange – has more fibre. Just before bed I tend to eat fruits and/or vegetables if I haven’t had enough during the day. One reason to eat fruits/vegetables is

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Nutrition: what does vitamin K do?

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor shares a few facts about vitamin K. I didn’t hear much about vitamin K as a kid. It can be found in multivitamins and I notice it in literature. Vitamin K is fat-soluble. It promotes

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Lifestyle, health: MSG (monosodium glutamate): is it best avoided?

Engaging in more lifestyle self-tutoring, the tutor shares his findings about a topic he’s long considered: consumption of MSG. MSG, I was told as a kid by a cook, can intensify the taste of food. Another kid, sitting at the

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