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Philosophy, mysteries: the Fermi paradox, part 0: what is proof?

Self-tutoring about philosophy: the tutor begins about the Fermi paradox: why don’t we have proof of aliens if they likely exist? The Fermi paradox is the name given to a commonly known question: given that intelligent alien life seems likely

Philosophy, paranormal, supernatural and mysteries: what is real?

Hearing reports of the unexplained leads to self-tutoring. The tutor reflects about what is true, or real. In the scientific culture, real means repeatable. Many reports are available of sightings of cryptids, ghosts, UFOs, etc. In some cases, there is

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Philosophy: absence of evidence vs evidence of absence

Tutoring philosophy, evidence – or absence of it – is a constant focus. The tutor discusses the meaning of “absence of evidence”. Typically a skeptic will point to lack of evidence as satisfactory proof, from their point of view, that

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Beyond science: paranormal vs supernatural

Tutoring English, the meanings of words might be surprising. The tutor shares a recent discovery. Paranormal: inexplicable by known science. Supernatural: outside the laws of nature. Are paranormal and supernatural synonyms? The answer depends on how you define science and

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