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Physics: friction force: how far will the curling stone glide?

The tutor gives an example with friction force. I’ve never been curling. Even so, I can imagine the following question resonates with many curlers and spectators: A curling stone is released at 1.2m/s. If the coefficient of friction between the

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Physics: projectile motion: maximum height

Continuing about projectiles, the tutor finds the maximum height of the golf ball. My post from Oct 16 sets the premise: a golf ball is struck at 55m/s at 27° elevation. The velocity is resolved thus: vx=49m/s vy=25m/s To find

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Physics: projectile motion: range of a projectile

Continuing with the golfing premise, the tutor finds the range of the projectile. While this post continues from yesterday’s, its premise begins with my Oct 16 one. We have a projectile whose horizontal velocity is 49m/s (see Oct 16), whose

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Physics: average velocity

The tutor illuminates a very plain, yet critical, concept from physics. Average velocity has the following definition: vave=displacement/time Displacement means your change in position. (Read more about the difference between distance and displacement in my post here.) Travelling straight-line, displacement

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