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Psychology: Valentine’s Day

Self-tutoring about relationships: the tutor reaches far back as he reflects about Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day can be surrounded with expectation, or hopelessness. It can sort people by whether they’re in a position to enjoy its meaning. Some people look

Psychology: presentation

Self-tutoring about psychology: the tutor visits a curiosity of human temperament. I recall, preparing yard waste, making real effort to render the bundles not only functional, but attractive. One of my inner voices piped up: “It’s just refuse – why

Psychology: why people wear hairbands with ears

Self-tutoring about psychology: the tutor reflects about a modern custom. As a kid, I never saw hairbands with animal-like ears. Perhaps they came into being sometime in the 90s, though I can’t confirm I saw any before 2000, except perhaps

Psychology: neurosis vs psychosis

Self-tutoring about psychological terms: the tutor mentions a possible distinction between neurosis and psychosis. Over the years, I’ve developed the perception that neurosis and psychosis both involve a different viewpoint of reality from “typical.” I would have gone on to

Group dynamics: exodus

Self-tutoring about human behaviour: the tutor notes a trait he’s long observed. Likely, one important reason humans have come to dominate Earth is their ability to cooperate. Beyond cooperation, humans have another facility which, when noticed, might be even more

Psychology: communication, part 1

Self-tutoring about communication: the tutor resumes from yesterday. Continuing with yesterday’s post, I understand, today, the realtor’s likely point of view. However, I have one final belief about it: I suspect he assumed they didn’t want to hear his advice

Psychology: denial: when it helps?

Self-tutoring about psychology: the tutor shares a discovery. Denial can have the function of avoiding acceptance of a threat until your mind has subconsciously prepared you for it. In a healthy person, denial is a shock absorber. Denial is only

Psychology: Why might one arrange deck furniture on a sinking ship? Part 0

Self-tutoring about psychology: the tutor reflects…. I forget when, or from whom, I heard the saying “…just like arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic…”; likely, it reached me a few years ago. My impression is that the saying is

Psychology: what is gaslighting?

Self-tutoring about psychology: the tutor mentions gaslighting. gaslighting (noun): a type of emotional abuse designed to cause the victim to doubt their sanity. It is accomplished using lies, often in concert with bullying. Gaslighting is used to manipulate the victim

Is talking to yourself recommended?

Lifestyle self tutoring: the tutor inquires about an age-old habit. When I’m alone, I often talk myself through tasks. I’m sure it’s beneficial, so did a little research. Apparently, there are experts who agree with me: talking to yourself organizes