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English: devolution

Self-tutoring about English and Social Studies: the tutor looks up devolution. devolution: the voluntary transfer of rights or powers from a higher government to a more local one. Source: Mish, Frederick C. Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004.

Social studies: what is a unitary state?

Self-tutoring about social studies: the tutor mentions the idea of unitary state. In a unitary state, all political power is owned by the central government. Power can be transferred from it to a local authority, but can then be rescinded.

Social studies: Marshall McLuhan: “The Medium is the Message”

Self-tutoring about culture: the tutor opines about a quote he heard as a child. I read “The Medium is the Message” in a textbook in middle school. For decades I had no interpretation of it. Eventually my sister gave me

Social studies: the generations, part 0

Self-tutoring about the generations we commonly encounter: the tutor begins…. As a tutor, I’ve worked with Baby Boomers (b. ’46 to ’64), GenXers (b. ’65 to ’76), Millennials (b. ’77 to ’95), and Centennials (b. ’96 →). What are some

Lifestyle, reading: blogs: Maanini

Finding blogs to follow leads to self-tutoring: the tutor mentions Maanini Singhvi’s blog A Fresh Outlook. Reading a blog can inject you with the writer’s point of view. Such was my experience today, reading Tagore’s Ideals and Our Progress. Therein,

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Canadian culture, social studies: Canadian ethnicity

Tutoring social studies, ethnicity may arise. The tutor brings up an example he observed. In the Fraser Valley last week, I was leaving a hotel lobby to return to the room. The night air felt brisk on the face; snow

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Civic duty: voting, part II

Tutoring social studies, one is compelled to take voting a little more seriously. The tutor shares his voting experience of the BC provincial election, May 9, 2017. In my post from October 13, 2015, I describe my experience voting in

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Geography, Social Studies: ISIS or ISIL?

The tutor explains two names for the Islamic State, commonly called ISIS. ISIS and ISIL are two names for the same group. Both are acronyms: ISIS: Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. ISIL: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Lifestyle and seasons: cross quarter days: August 5

The tutor discusses the meaning surrounding the cross quarter day August 5. I’ve written a couple of posts about cross quarter days (see here and here): they’re days at mid-season, rather than season boundaries. Often, a celebration is at or

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Election platforms: NDP (Tom Mulcair)

The tutor offers commentary on the NDP election platform. A party’s leader is perhaps the most important consideration for many voters. “You vote for the leader, not the party,” I’ve heard. Not everyone agrees, of course; some people are loyal

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