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Statistics, spreadsheets: confidence interval for the mean, population standard deviation unknown: CONFIDENCE.T() function on LibreOffice Calc

Tutoring statistics, the tutor is happy to share the CONFIDENCE.T() function from LibreOffice Calc. My last couple of posts (here and here) I’ve talked about confidence intervals for the mean. Yesterday I mentioned finding one using Excel or LibreOffice Calc’s

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Statistics, spreadsheets: confidence interval for population mean: CONFIDENCE() function on Excel and LibreOffice Calc

Tutoring statistics, you realize how convenient using a spreadsheet can be. In yesterday’s post I mentioned some theoretical points about two-sided confidence intervals for the population mean. On the practical side, if you simply need a confidence interval for the

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Spreadsheets: Excel or LibreOffice Calc: sumif(), continued

Tutoring spreadsheets, here’s the next level of complexity with the sumif() function: a separate test range. In my March 9 post I brought up sumif(), pointing out that it will selectively add values within a given range. sumif() offers one

Spreadsheets: Excel or LibreOffice Calc: sumif()

The tutor shows the neat function sumif() found on Excel and also on LibreOffice Calc. At its simplest, the sumif() function adds the members of a range that meet a certain condition; those that don’t, aren’t included in the sum.

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Spreadsheets: how to reference a cell on a different sheet in Excel and in LibreOffice Calc

Tutoring spreadsheet usage, cell references are important. Let’s imagine you want a1 in the first sheet of a workbook to have the value of b1 in sheet 2. Here’s how you can do so with text: Excel: type, in a1

Spreadsheets: Excel, LibreOffice Calc: number formatting: how to get rid of E-05 (for example)

The tutor explains how to change from scientific notation to regular number format in Excel or LibreOffice Calc. In my post from Feb 14 I mention that 1.69e-05 equals 0.0000169. Written 1.69e-05, the number is in scientific notation. Perhaps the

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Spreadsheets: Excel and LibreOffice Calc: the sum of a geometric series

The tutor shows the seriessum() function, found on both Excel and LibreOffice Calc. A geometric series has the form Sn = cr0 + cr1 + … + crn-1 An example is 3 + 3*4 + 3*42 + … + 3*45

Statistics: Spreadsheets: the frequency() function

The tutor shares a nice function that seems to work the same in Excel or LibreOffice Calc. The frequency() function tells, from an array of values and another of categories, the frequency in each category. A potential use is to

Spreadsheets: LibreOffice Calc: how to get a graph and equation from data

The tutor shows how to get a graph and equation for data using LibreOffice Calc, in six easy steps. Let’s imagine your x-data is in a1:a5, your y-data, b1:b5. Select the range a1:b5. Click the Chart icon, which looks like

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