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Web browsers: Edge: full screen mode

Self-tutoring about IE Edge: the tutor mentions full screen mode. Last night, working with IE Edge, I suddenly lost its toolbar across the top. When I moved the mouse pointer up there the toolbar would reappear. The menu strip across

IE Edge: hard refresh while viewing source?

Self-tutoring about browsers: the tutor comments about hard refresh with IE Edge. In my experience with IE Edge, hard refresh (Ctrl+F5) doesn’t show changes to source when the View Source window (right click → View Source) is already open. However,

Web browsers: IE and Edge

Self-tutoring about web browsers: the tutor mentions a fact about ie and edge. My morning reading tells me Edge requires Windows 10. Next I checked our Windows 7 computer, to find its Microsoft browser is ie 11. On the Windows 7

What is default text (font) size on Chrome?

Self-tutoring about the Chrome browser: the tutor measures its default font size in pixels. I opened the Chrome settings and found its font set to “medium”. I then made a quick page with two divs: one set at 20em, then

Web browsers: Chrome: the “reopen tab” key combination

Self-tutoring: I often close tabs by mistake. The tutor mentions a solution when it happens. On Chrome, in Windows, it’s my experience that Ctrl+Shift+t will reopen the last tab you closed, and that it will reopen where it last was.

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Microsoft web browser: how to tell which you’re using

Computer self-tutoring: the tutor mentions how to check which Microsoft browser you’re using. In my experience, here is how to reveal the About info: The three dots at top right, just under the x, hold a menu, under which, at

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Home computer use: shortcut key combinations: refreshing the page in the browser, Windows

More self-tutoring: the tutor mentions a shortcut to refresh the page in a browser. Ctrl+F5 is meant to refresh the page in the browser. As I understand, the reload is from the server rather than from the cache. Source:

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Web browsers, home computer use: setting the cursor in the search bar w/o using the mouse

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor shares a keyboard shortcut to the search bar. Ctrl+L is meant to return the cursor to the search bar. Source: Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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Home computer use: security: Bitdefender Safepay

Using a PC can involve constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares his discovery of Bitdefender Safepay. As I’ve come to understand, Bitdefender Safepay is a secure browser that can be invoked from the Bitdefender suite (I have, I believe, Bitdefender Total

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Chrome: Developer tools (view page source): ==$0

The tutor talks about ==$zer0 in Chrome’s Developer tools. Looking at a page source in Google Chrome, I saw the entry ==$0. It wasn’t manifesting on the page itself; I wondered if it was a type of HTML comment. Apparently,

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