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Web design: jQuery css() and JavaScript style: boundary testing

The tutor discusses what he noticed while experimenting with jQuery css() and JavaScript style. JavaScript has a style function that allows you to access style attributes of an element. For example, to get an element’s color: var e1_color=document.getElementById(“e1”).style.color; However, as

Web design: jQuery w/ regex

The tutor experiments with jQuery and regex. Imagine you have a web page: somewhere on it, you believe, is the word wine. You now realize that the promoter wants wine to “pop”: she believes that the prospective audience will pay

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Web design: jQuery selectors: eq(n)

jQuery, famously, offers selectors that a programmer can use to access virtually any element on the page. This post gives an example of the eq(n) selector. When you click the demo button below, the third H will change. The code:

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