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Windows: the temporary file, part I

Follow-up from an earlier post: the tutor discusses a spontaneously-generated .tmp file. Back on June 14 I write about a .tmp file I noticed in a folder I wanted to send. What I did about it, you can read there.

Windows: the .tmp file, part 0

Self-tutoring about Windows 7: the tutor mentions a curious experience. Recently I had to send a few files to someone. No problem – just zip the directory and attach it to an email. Checking the directory’s contents, I noticed a

Windows 7: sound recorder

Self-tutoring about Windows 7: the tutor brings up the on-board sound recorder. Today I went to make an audio recording and thought I’d use the Windows 7 sound recorder, which I recall using years ago. Yet, when I keyed it

Windows 7: creating restore point

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor mentions a great video about how to create a restore point in Windows 7. A great presentation is entertaining just by itself, regardless of how interested you are in the topic. Lately this

Windows command prompt: when a folder doesn’t show

Self-tutoring about Windows file management: the tutor shares a story. Today, having downloaded some files, I opened command prompt (cmd) to copy them to different locations, etc. The copy and paste file management on this computer isn’t reliable. I opened

Windows: a way to get a screenshot

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions a necessity he’s had to discover. To prove a program result, etc., a person might be asked for a screenshot. Alt+PrtScrn takes a screenshot of the active window and puts it on the clipboard.

Windows: more about move command

Self-tutoring about the Windows move command: the tutor continues… Following up yesterday’s post: From the premise that the directory newdirname already exists, let’s imagine the command move olddirname newdirname Now, olddirname will be moved to a subdirectory of its same

Windows: move command behaviour

Self-tutoring about Windows command prompt: the tutor mentions the move command. The following behaviour I’ve observed in Windows 7 command prompt: To move a directory to another, the command is move olddirname newdirname If newdirname already exists, olddirname will be

Windows: shortcut to minimize app window

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions a way to minimize an app from the keyboard. Window key+down arrow, in my experience, will minimize an app. Source:

Windows command prompt: how to combine Windows commands on one line

Self-tutoring about Windows command prompt: the tutor mentions a way to combine commands on one line. Apparently, a_command & another_command will perform both commands if possible. Even if it can’t do the first, it will still attempt the second. a_command