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Windows: command line: copying and pasting

Self-tutoring about Windows terminal: the tutor mentions a way to copy and paste on the cmd screen. To copy, then paste, text from and to the Windows command line: Right click. Select Mark Highlight the text you want to copy

Windows: viewing chkdsk results

Self-tutoring about Windows 7: the tutor mentions how to view the results of running chkdsk. I ran chkdsk today to check the hard drive. Afterwards, the computer restarted, not showing the results. I looked what to do on the internet.

Windows: A way to check hard drive health

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor shares a way to check hard drive health. I’ve read that WMIC stands for Windows Management Instrumentation Command-Line. It includes a way to check hard drive health, as follows: Open command prompt. Type wmic diskdrive

Windows: folder date modified not as recent as that of contained file

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions a recent, perhaps surprising, find. I thought that, when you modify a file, its containing folder is modified as well. Apparently, a file can be modified without changing the “date modified” of its containing

Windows, Computer science: how to print the bell character in a text file

Self-tutoring about scripting: the tutor mentions a way to insert the ASCII bell. The bell character is ASCII 7; its symbol is BEL. Notepad++ allows BEL to be inserted in a text file: from the Edit menu, click Character Panel.

Batch programming: running a batch file

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions ways to run a batch file. In yesterday’s post I mention writing a batch script. Today, I mention three ways to run one: From the command prompt By double-clicking the batch file in its

Windows: batch script to copy directory

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions a batch script to copy a directory. The batch script I wrote (using Notepad): @echo off robocopy c:\this_dir k:\that_dir /e pause I saved that file as the_backup.bat: batch files need be named with bat

Windows, home computer use: command prompt file operations: xcopy

Maintaining a home computer requires frequent self-tutoring. The tutor shares. This Windows 7 computer no longer performs the COPY command from the mouse, so I use the command prompt to copy files, etc. Lately I’ve been backing up directories, which

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Home computer use, computer maintenance, Windows: disk management: how to use unallocated space on a storage device

Home computer use, for me, leads to constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a video about Windows disk management that he was lucky to find. My experience: On an external hard drive, if Windows calls a part of it “unallocated”, you

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Windows: file permissions: what does Bypass Traverse Checking mean?

Researching file permissions can mean self-tutoring. The tutor relays the idea of Bypass Traverse Checking. Bypass Traverse Checking (file permission) This permission allows a user to access a specific file that is not protected, but which resides in a folder

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