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Windows: move command behaviour

Self-tutoring about Windows command prompt: the tutor mentions the move command. The following behaviour I’ve observed in Windows 7 command prompt: To move a directory to another, the command is move olddirname newdirname If newdirname already exists, olddirname will be

Windows: shortcut to minimize app window

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions a way to minimize an app from the keyboard. Window key+down arrow, in my experience, will minimize an app. Source:

Windows command prompt: how to combine Windows commands on one line

Self-tutoring about Windows command prompt: the tutor mentions a way to combine commands on one line. Apparently, a_command & another_command will perform both commands if possible. Even if it can’t do the first, it will still attempt the second. a_command

Windows command prompt: renaming a file or directory

Self-tutoring about Windows command prompt: the tutor mentions a way to rename a file or directory. From the Windows command prompt, the move command can rename a file or directory: move file.txt newname.txt Source:

Windows: command line: forfiles command

Self-tutoring about Windows cmd prompt: the tutor mentions the forfiles command. I continue to use the command line when navigating Windows, likely because it seems quicker than the file explorer. To find files in the current directory last modified on

Windows: command line: listing directories or files

Self-tutoring about the Windows cmd: the tutor mentions a trick he read for listing only the directories or only the files. Using the Windows Command Prompt, I wanted to sharpen dir. Keying in help dir, I read that dir /a:d

Windows: command line: how I create a file

Self-tutoring about Windows: the tutor mentions how he creates a file from the command line. To create the file “new_file.txt” from the command prompt, I type in echo “hello” > new_file.txt The file is created with the word “hello” inside.

Windows 7: the mystery program: part II

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor continues about the program that wants an update. In yesterday’s post I mention a program on this computer I can’t recall installing, that is requesting an update. I am unaware of anyone’s using

Windows: who installed the program?

Self-tutoring about Windows 7: the tutor shares an exploration. I’ve been busy lately, but today I’m more talkative, so I’ll begin a story. A software update panel appeared on this PC sometime in January. It promised a long licence agreement,

Windows: command line: copying and pasting

Self-tutoring about Windows terminal: the tutor mentions a way to copy and paste on the cmd screen. To copy, then paste, text from and to the Windows command line: Right click. Select Mark Highlight the text you want to copy