Electronic lifestyle: closing tabs in a browser

Self-tutoring about computer habits: the tutor mentions thoughts about closing tabs.

I usually run two different browsers. One of them will normally have around 60 tabs open (but it used to be more), the other, around 20.

Some people think 60 tabs is a lot to have open, including my wife. It’s not really an issue because we don’t use the same PC.

I leave a tab open in case I need to return to it; often, I think I’m done with something, but then have an afterthought. Therefore, especially when the website wasn’t easy to find, I leave its tab open.

Moreover, I’m in school right now, plus have other research I’m doing, etc. Like so many people these days, I’m drawn in many different directions. Therefore, I might have some tabs open about tools, some about electronics, some about cooking, some about my studies, etc. It’s easy for the open tabs to accumulate.

Yet, at a certain point, having so many tabs open can slow down the browser. Then, I have to close a bunch of tabs, which requires making decisions.

Out of 80 open tabs, for instance, finding 8 to close is usually pretty easy. After that, one must evaluate whether this one is more important than that one, etc.

To reduce the clutter, I’ve gone to doing clean-ups of tabs when I’m waiting for people to show up for an online meeting, etc. I find at 60 tabs, the browser manages pretty well.

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