Energy profiles: France

Self-tutoring about how political entities acquire their energy: the tutor looks at France.

If you like low carbon emissions, you probably like France’s energy mix. It produces about 0.87% of global emissions, with a population of about 0.81% of the world. By way of comparison, Canada produces 1.51% of global emissions, with a population of 0.49% of the world. Therefore, if low emissions are a goal, France can be seen as very progressive, energy-wise. It’s likely that France prides itself on being progressive generally, so that it would be concerning energy might not be very surprising.

Interestingly, France seems to accomplish such low emissions by relying significantly on nuclear power: 36.5% of France’s energy comes from it as of 2022. In fact, nuclear energy is France’s leading source. Oil, producing 30.8%, is second.


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