Exams, retrospect: windfalls, part 1

Self-tutoring about exams and events about them: the tutor gives a curious recollection.

When I was a kid, during a spelling test (grade 4), the teacher called out “Chicago,” which was on the word list that week. I was new in that class as of the day before, so unprepared for the test.

To my pleasant surprise, the teacher then called out a name. (For the sake of the story, let’s assume Shelly): “Shelly? do you have a question?”

“Well I was just thinking about a trick I learned for spelling “Chicago,” Shelly replied.

“Oh, what’s that?” the teacher asked.

“Spell ‘chick,’, then take the ‘k’ off, then write ‘ago.'”

“Interesting,” the teacher commented.

Without further event, the spelling test continued.

In my case, that spelling hint saved me. Shelly seems to have been a natural teacher herself. What still interests me today, though, is the fact that the teacher allowed Shelly to give that hint. Was the teacher feeling generous that day, or did she perceive an opportunity of a “test within the test?” Either way, the teacher was gracious about it.

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