Exams, retrospect: windfalls, part 2

Self-tutoring about exams and events from the past: the tutor continues from last post.

Continuing from my previous post, the idea is that a teacher generously, yet surprisingly, allowed a student to give out a hint to the class during a test. It was a grade 4 spelling test, so the stakes weren’t high. Back then, however, precedent could mean everything, so it was an interesting decision from the teacher. I have wondered about it ever since.

That teacher may have had a few ideas in mind. One is that only students who paid careful attention to the hint would be able to make use of it. Someone who knew how to spell Chicago before, but heard the hint wrong, might be steered into a mistake. Therefore, the teacher complicated the situation by allowing the hint, making it potentially easier for some (including me), but tougher to navigate for others.

We weren’t encouraged, back then, to assess our teachers’ presence of mind. Looking back, I realize that teacher’s methods suggest subtle sophistication. My reflection about those days in her class leaves me with unanswered questions.

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