Holiday message 0: The Merry Christmas marquee

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor reminisces about the <marquee> tag.

:):):):):)Greetings and Merry Christmas from Oracle Tutoring!:):):):):)

I can’t recall using the <marquee> tag. Today I did: it still works, but the warning is that it’s deprecated, so may stop any time.

I get philosophical about tags that fall out of favour: so much has already happened with web programming, yet it began in my lifetime.

Presently, the <marquee> tag seems to enjoy wide support – quite opposite of the <blink> (see my post here).

The effect above is accomplished without the <marquee> tag, but rather, with css animation. However, I feel friendly towards the <marquee> tag.

BTW: according to one of the sources, <marquee> was introduced by Internet Explorer.


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