Home computer use: D-Link DWA-181

Self-tutoring about home computer use, specifically wireless networking. The tutor mentions the D-Link DWA-181.

Our main computer is from April 19, 2010. For wireless networking, it needs a usb adapter. Over the years, we’re had consistent, but slow, wireless performance with it, from numerous wireless adapters. I always wondered if the reason’s been its age. We typically get about 30Mbps.

Yesterday I picked up a D-Link DWA-181 usb wireless adapter. I placed the installation CD in the player and, when it requested, plugged in the device. Once it reported successful installation, I went to fast.com to check the speed. I was surprised when it reported 95Mbps. Later on I tried again, and got a measured speed of 180Mbps. Amazing!

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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