Lifestyle: barbeque assembly

Self-tutoring about lifestyle: the tutor gives commentary about assembling a barbeque.

When the kids go back to school, I typically take on a project. Last night and this morning I assembled a new barbeque.

The carton was too heavy to haul upstairs; I opened it and, over many trips, brought up its contents. The deck floor was covered with parts wrapped in cardboard and plastic. There were dozens of parts – many more than I’d expected given the size of the carton.

Assessing the parts and fasteners in the assembly instructions, I ventured to step 1, whose parts weren’t easy to find. About an hour in, I was on step 5.

Roving among the parts as I selected specific ones for each step, I wondered what some were, and when I would use them. This morning, I finished the last step – barbeque complete!

I walked among the cardboard strewn about the deck, surprised that all the parts were gone. I couldn’t recall using them all. Yet, I obviously did, too focused on the job to notice.

I have a few specific observations to make about the project, which I’ll save for later posts. The whole process likely took about 3.5 hours, but actually went pretty smoothly.

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