Lifestyle: diet: sugar and carbohydrates

Self-tutoring about diet: the tutor mentions calories from sugar and carbohydrates.

I’m re-thinking calories, and seem to have made progress with a new eating style in which I emphasize carbohydrates while eating less fat.

One interesting fact I’ve been contemplating is that sugar and general carbohydrates have the same energy density, at 4 calories per gram. Fat, on the other hand, carries 9 calories per gram.

I’m getting the idea that, with a lot of foods that we perceive as fattening, it’s as much from oil (aka fat) as from sugar (or carbohydrates). A couple of chocolate bars I’ve looked up, for instance, follow that pattern.

Not only does oil carry more calories per gram, but also it makes carbohydrates more attractive to eat. Butter (or margarine) on toast is an example.

Eating carbohydrates with limited oil is working for me. It’s a compromise sometimes, of course: for instance, I don’t put margarine on bagels anymore. I have oatmeal without cream, although I still put some molasses on it.


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