Lifestyle during the ***demic: the tutor comments

Self-tutoring with a snapshot of life right now: the tutor relates.

I went grocery shopping a while back. You can read my post about it here.

Around noon today, I returned to the grocery store. Only able-bodied people were about. The store wasn’t crowded and no-one seemed in a hurry. There wasn’t a line-up to speak of. The TP was gone, but nothing else.

I was with my 17-year-old son this time. We had a lot of fun – it was great to be out in the world and feel normal again. (I haven’t been self-isolating on purpose, but since everyone else is, I’ve been living like a recluse at home.)

There were some nice deals at the supermarket. Bananas and numerous other produce items were on special, and so were bread and bagels.

I am really impressed with how society is coping with this new situation: you’d be sure, standing in that supermarket, that life is normal. It was a great feeling. We couldn’t help but be happy as we moved casually through the aisles.

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