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More lifestyle self-tutoring: to take or not to take cold relief medication? The tutor offers perspective.

There’s a cold circulating; yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. Yet, I had to perform my duties.

Normally, I just tough out a cold, not taking anything. By 7pm last night, however, I’d had enough, so took some symptomatic relief.

The cold was so deeply entrenched, I didn’t feel better for about two and a half hours. Yet, by bedtime I felt much better, so went to sleep easily. In the middle of the night I woke up, still unfettered by the headache and congestion that had troubled me throughout the day. Sweat told me my fever had broken for real.

Had I not taken the symptomatic relief, I wouldn’t have slept so well; likely, my recovery may have been slower. However, there might be even a more important idea to consider.

The hopeless feeling that a cold can leave you with can be debilitating. I recall lying on the couch, wondering how I’d endure the next couple of days.

Once the symptoms had subsided, I regained a normal point of view. This morning, facing more sinus congestion, I took another dose. Over the past fifteen hours, I’ve taken much less than the directions allow, but it’s helped considerably.

I think I’ve changed my mind about cold medication. Taken within directed amounts, it can considerably improve a person’s function who would be struggling with a cold.

Yet, one must remember that, however good they feel after the medication quells the symptoms, they still have a cold: Rest and warmth are needed to truly beat it. Until the cold is gone, elective activities – like working out, for instance – should be traded for rest.

Such is my perspective, anyway.

If you, like so many others, struggle with this cold, best of luck to you:)

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