Resurrection: why do things seem to fix themselves sometimes?

Self-tutoring about life and one of its mysteries: the tutor reflects about how, surprisingly often, things “fix themselves.”

I recall, decades ago, when one of my friends was selling his car to another. The deal was fair; he was moving on to a better car and my friend was happy to get his old one.

“And it fixes itself,” the seller commented, tongue-in-cheek. He mentioned an apparent oil leak the car had seemed to have one time, months ago. Yet, when he went to investigate and fix the leak, it didn’t present. We all laughed a little.

Many people who’ve spent time around cars that aren’t new, know of such stories. They seem to be true, somehow, though on the other hand make no logical sense.

Our old main computer, which we retired a year ago because it was starting to bug out, I took out of storage two days ago, hooked up to the necessary peripherals, and turned on. It worked better than it had for the last year we’d used it – perfectly, in fact.

So many times in my life I’ve seen it: something seems not to work, so it’s put away for a time. Later, perhaps months or more later, someone retries it, and it works fine, as if nothing was ever wrong.

I tell you truly, this is why I don’t get rid of things immediately when they don’t seem to work. I just put them aside, then try them after a time. Half or more of the instances, the thing resumes working, so I put it back to normal use.

Believe it or not — it’s true.

BTW: that car ran like a top for years after it changed hands to my other friend. I don’t recall it ever having an oil leak.

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