School 102: returning, part II

Self-tutoring about returning to school: the tutor resumes reflection.

Continuing from yesterday’s post:

I’m aware that many people don’t reflect about the passage of time, so don’t get surprised by its results. Regardless of the tricks time plays during summer, the return to school is concrete.

From my point of view, the change back to school has a fundamental advantage compared to leaving it: most people fare better within a daily routine.

School is more involved with life in general than when I was a kid. The extracurricular activities it offers, as well as supporting roles it has assumed during the generation since I left, must attract people back in ways not applicable during my school years.

There will be adaptations to make, and new challenges to meet. Yet, the promise of a new beginning is always exciting, whether a new summer or new school year.

Best of luck, everyone:)

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