The handyman role: reconnecting the barbecue

The tutor shares an adventure in his handyman-lite role.

For big jobs, I call in professionals with crews, etc. (It’s amazing what those guys know and can do.) The smaller jobs I try to handle myself.

Even a small job takes me much longer than it would a tradesman; I lack the wrist strength and the dexterity that they take for granted. However, my understanding of the basic principles is decent. Over the years I’ve done a fair amount of research about carpentry, plumbing, etc.

Following the departure of some contractors (who did a beautiful job, I’m happy to say), I had to reconnect the barbecue to the gas feed at the wall. There shouldn’t have been a problem; it’s a quick connect. However, I just couldn’t get the line end to click back into the wall fitting.

I pulled up the shield around the wall fitting and noticed the ball bearings around it. They obviously pop out as the line end is being removed, then pop back in around it when it’s replaced. However, they were stuck in the way, so the fitting couldn’t push in past them. I just ran my finger around the inside, pushing them outwards. Then, when I tried again to insert the line end, it worked.

I was concerned that the ball bearings may not clamp around the line fitting, since they weren’t moving easily. However, when I tried to pull it back out (without releasing the shield), the wall fitting wouldn’t release it. Good enough, I guess:)

Finally, I replaced the plastic box around the gas fitting.

I’ll be sharing more of my handyman experiences as they arise:)

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